Friday, March 13, 2009

Mad dash to the opening

The landscaping is being installed. Dustin Gimbel of Second Nature Garden Design hooked us up with a great design. It is all drought tolerant since Los Angeles is the desert and LEED gives a few points for good landscape and irrigation (having a timer, rain sensor, multiple zones, good sprinkler heads, etc) since many homes use 50% of their water on their yards.
We're offering free appliances to buyers who sign a contract before April 15. Went with the Bosch package which looks nice and is actually made in Korea. The appliances were delivered today and now we have to go back and fill in the cabinets around them.

We get a couple LEED points for having efficient appliances. These are literally off the chart (see image). I think its 1/2 point for dishwashers that use less than 6 gallons per cycle, 1/2 point for energy star fridge, and a point for efficient washer/dryer.

Also now that the interiors are coming together some of the architectural moments are showing through (the drywall mud is still visible on the wall because only the primer is on so far).