Friday, February 20, 2009

Sidewalk: 11 guys: $7,500: "Luv Kills"

Some time lapse photos would have been great but you'll just have to trust the following instead.
So we're pushing hard to get things done on time which means the subs are lining up right behind each other so there's no down time. Yesterday the backhoe was laying conduit and the sidewalk was getting poured:

7 AM: The day is off to a rough start as the backhoe is moving tons of dirt around the sidewalk area when the sidewalk contractor shows up with 11 guys saying he is going to pour concrete at 11 am

8 AM: The backhoe operator decides NOT to get in a pissing contest and moves his dirt to accomodate the sidewalk crew

9 AM: Sidewalk crew earnestly begins laying out sidewalk .Dirt is compacted with jumping jack and actually beginning to resemble a walkway

10 AM: Formwork is being installed and it looks like they will make it! At Heyday we micromanage a lot and this was one time it was best to just get the hell out of the way (cost of experienced sub: $7,500)

11 AM: Concrete truck arrives and the crew is ready

12-4 PM: Concrete crew trowels sidewalk and driveway apron with amazing efficiency. After a nervous start to the day it is ending amazingly well as we started with piles of dirt and now have finished concrete.

Somewhere between 5 PM - 7 AM: Shakespeare reincarnated tags philosophical wonder-phrases like: "Luv Kills" all over the sidewalk

8 AM: Concrete crew realizes they poured the driveway apron 5 ft. too big and will have to demolish that portion and re-pour it.

Two steps forward one step back.